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We'll Install for You a Durable Septic Tank

There are many reasons why a septic tank is a must for all landowners. Septic system malfunctions, real estate transactions with failed certifications, installations of pools or hardscaping, and home additions are some of the reasons to get septic tank installed. All home and business owners should be aware of the design and installation procedure of a septic tank. The knowledgeable team at Hornung Tiling Inc. will explain to you the process.

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  • Septic System Repair

  • Standard In-Ground Gravity Systems

  • Pressure Dosed Systems

  • Drip Irrigation Systems

  • Stream Discharge Systems

  • Aerobic Systems

Experienced septic installers

The landowners should first obtain a permit to install a new system. You should complete an application form and submit it to the appropriate governing board with applicable fees.


A representative will arrive at your property to perform a site evaluation and determine the best possible location for a new system. Our expert consultants will be at the spot to work with you and address all queries regarding the installation of a new system.


A soil evaluation will be done by a sewage enforcement officer from your township. Two test pits to a depth of 7’ deep, approximately 50’ apart will be excavated in the area of the proposed system.


The soil from each test pit will be evaluated by a sewage enforcement officer to determine if the soil is acceptable for an on-site septic system.


If the soil is acceptable, a percolation (perc) test will be performed to determine how well the soil absorbs water. Additional testing may be required in some cases if the initial percolation test fails.


Once the soil passes the percolation test, we will design a new system and submit it to the County/Township for permit issuance. Meanwhile, we will offer a FREE estimate for your new system.

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